A couple of years ago, one of our Library regulars was Dr. Amy Schmidt, an historian with a doctorate in history from Kent State University who enjoyed a long career at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Like many of our researchers, Dr. Schmidt was laboring over a publication project, and a labor of love at that. Last month she was kind enough to send a copy of her newly-finished book to the Library to add to our collection.

Saddle Club Stories, Amy Schmidt, 2017.

Saddle Club Stories is both intimate and comprehensive in its scope. It chronicles the history of the Alamance Saddle Club in Alamance County in North Carolina. The club was founded in 1944 and closed its doors in 1972. During its 28-year run, the club was a touchstone for hundreds of young riders who learned to care for horses, ride them, and compete in the club’s horse shows.


Each chapter covers an aspect of the club and its history. But in addition to the engaging historical text, Dr. Schmidt assembled hundreds of personal accounts and photographs that make up the bulk of the book’s illustrations.


It’s easy to see that Dr. Schmidt’s own experiences riding with the Alamance Saddle Club left their mark. The personal accounts and narratives are much more stories of the heart (working hard, making friends, learning to bond with a horse, growing up, and saying goodbye) than sporting accounts. And these stories reflect how important the club really was to its many members. Reading the book is a chance to share in the reminiscence with kindred spirits across the country.


Signed, limited-edition copies of the book are available for purchase directly from Dr. Schmidt at amy.schmidt09@gmail.com. Purchase price is $50, plus $4 for shipping.

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