Chuck, Charlie, and Charles Rumph

A Look Inside The Charles Rumph Digital Archive and Women and Horses Exhibit by Porter Gaier, Shirley Z. Johnson Digitization Intern Inspiring.  That is, at least, one way to describe Charles Rumph’s work, and another word to describe his life. Chuck, Charlie, Charles, whomever you knew him as, was an exuberant and cheerful man who excelled […]

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Enframed: My Internship with the NSLM 

My days started here at the National Sporting Library & Museum behind the front desk. While my collections management internship officially started in November, it actually feels as though it started in August, when I first started working here as a Visitor Services Associate.  From the get-go, I was encouraged to ask as many questions as I could and the senior staff were incredibly receptive and generous in answering them. They were eager to share with […]

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And the diagnosis is…

The inspiration for my blog post this week stems from the unfortunate fact that for the past few months, my horse Taco has been experiencing a plethora of medical issues. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to keep him sound. As soon as I solve one problem, another one pops up. It has […]

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What’s a zoetrope?

Before Eadweard Muybridge (English, 1830–1904) began systematically studying animal locomotion with his camera in 1877, understanding of how horses and other animals moved at faster gaits was tenuous at best. The series of photographs Muybridge produced allowed sporting artists to more accurately portray their subjects. Muybridge also explored ways to portray motion by combining photographs […]

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Intern Highlight: Cynthia Kurtz

As a student in George Washington University’s Museum Studies program, I am required to complete a 260-hr internship at a museum as part of my curriculum. Given my passion for horses and dogs and the ways they serve us, the National Sporting Library & Museum was the perfect opportunity for me to combine my interests […]

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