Vermont Race, Liz Whitney Tippett

The National Sporting Library & Museum recently received a donation of photographs originally from the collection of Liz Whitney Tippett. Ms. Tippett was a champion horsewoman, enjoying great success with racing and breeding Thoroughbreds throughout the 20th Century. In the 1930s, she and her first husband, John Hay “Jock” Whitney, lived at Llangollen Farm in Upperville, Virginia, a site of steeplechase races from 1931 to 1934.

NSLM recently published Inaugural Llangollen Race Meeting, 1931: Sketches by Paul Brown, a work commemorating the inaugural race meet hosted by the Whitneys in 1931. Click here to order your copy now.

Today’s image is a bit of a mystery. First, a look at the verso (back) of the photograph, which bears a handwritten note.

“The small white house I moved over to the finishing line, put in our Vermont furniture, sporting prints and it then was turned into the Royal Inclosure with a fence around it of old redwood — it was really nice. The tent was where the jockeys dressed and the paddock in between tent and house — 7,000 people — no accidents. Please show these around.

How fortunate that we live in an age where we can easily show these around! The recto (front) of the photo is below. Click on it to see the enlarged version. In looking closely, I found:

  • Several picnic parties
  • The jockey’s tent, named in the caption above
  • A golf course


There is no indication of a date on the photograph. Looking closely, what can you see? Can you find more details? We’ll be sharing more images here, and you can also view more historic images from the NSLM collections by liking our Facebook page.


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