A Second Look at “The Hunt Scene at Middleburg”

NPSH jumping

“As a young girl, my grandmother Nancy Penn Smith Hannum inherited a kingdom she spent a lifetime fighting to protect. Goodnight Ladies is a portrait of that life – of the woman herself and the legend she became.”

Christianna Potter Hannum

Almost 500 people viewed a very popular Drawing Covert post from July 29, 2015, written about the photograph “The Hunt Scene at Middleburg”, taken November 27, 1924. The photo contains many renowned figures of Middleburg and of foxhunting, and is a reminder of the sporting heritage we share. The group would not be complete without Nancy Penn Smith Hannum, MFH.

“Hunt Scene at Middleburg,” 1924

Behind Miss Gatewood is Mr. Harry Duffy Jr. In center of first group in a grey coat with a chrysanemum [sic] is, I feel sure, Miss Nancy Penn Smith (Mrs. J Hannum).
Miss Nancy Penn Smith (Mrs. Hannum) pictured center, wearing a gray coat
Foxhunting since age four,  Hannum left an indelible mark on the world of foxhunting. She was Master of Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Hounds for over 50 years, during which time she worked tirelessly to conserve hunting lands and maintain a world-famous pack of foxhounds. Her perseverance and kindness are remembered by innumerable relatives and friends— among them granddaughter Christianna Potter Hannum. Christianna directed and produced a documentary film to share  Hannum’s life and story with future generations and all who remember her.

To see a clip of Goodnight Ladies from the film’s editor, Ray Hubley, follow this link

Join us at the National Sporting Library & Museum on October 6, 2015 from 6-8pm for a special showing of Goodnight Ladies: A Portrait of Nancy Penn Smith Hannum (approximately 40 minutes)  presented by the film’s director, Christianna.  There will be a Q & A session following the viewing, and copies of the film will be available for purchase. Admission is $10, NSLM members are free.


For more photographs and upcoming events at the National Sporting Library & Museum, like us on Facebook and visit our website!


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