Get to Know Your Fellow — Kathleen Crandell

Fellow Kathleen Crandell
Fellow Kathleen Crandell

We have two Fellows researching at the Library currently – Collin McKinney and Kathleen Crandell. We’ve already met Collin, so now we’ll meet Kathleen!

Where are you from?

Clarke County, Virginia

Do you have any institution affiliation (such as a university or museum)?

No current affiliation but I received my PhD from Virginia Tech.

What are you researching?

A historical perspective on the causes, incidence, management and treatment of laminitis in horses’ is my topic. My intention is to document the changes in the understanding and treatment of this devastating disease in equines throughout the centuries to present day. Although even today we do not know the exact mechanism for the second leading cause of death in horses and ponies, perhaps by looking at how it has been handled in the past will further the understanding of how to treat the animals today.

Why are you researching at NSLM?

Because of the excellent selection of books from centuries past on veterinary care of animals.

What is your goal with your research?

To write a comprehensive article on the topic for publication.

How did you find out about the Fellowship program and NSLM?

I have been a member of the National Sporting Library and Museum for over 20 years and saw the Fellowship advertised in the newsletter.

We’re happy to have Kathleen researching with us at the NSLM until the end of March. Feel free to leave a comment or question for her here!


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